MacMame Machine

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NEW Mame 2024

Here are some pictures of how the cabinet matured. I started with a cabinet that had Twin Eagle running in it. The monitor gave out, so I decided to gut it and fix it up for a Mame machine.

Rough outer with no art.

Laptop installed and connected.

Up and running.

Close up of the screen.

Art Intalled.

Bezel Detail.

Marquee Lighted.


Bezel Bottom.

Overlay art Installed.

Control Panel Installed.

Update Mar 2019
New hardware installed. I wanted a bigger screen and there was no 4:3 aspect monitor available larger than 19 inches. So I used a 32-inch LCD TV mounted sideways.

31-inch TV installed (rotated 90 degrees).

MacMini G4 (to rotate screen).

Mac desctop and MacMame screen.

Game in portrait mode.
Update Nov 2021
New side art applied.

The before picture.

Printed vinyl applied.

Vinyl trimmed to cabinet.

Back in business.

PDF art
Here is the art that I created in Illustrator. I saved the art in PDF format and took it to FedEx/Kinko's to print. They had a 24-hour turn around time frame.

Bezel Marquee Control Overlay

The Logitech Trackball can be used as a regular trackball to navigate within OS X and as a trackball for the games (Centipede, Marble Madness, etc.) To wire in the arcade controls to the laptop, I used an ipac board. This has connections for up to 8 buttons of each player and has a USB connector to your computer. For the joysticks and buttons, you can get them pretty cheaply at SuzoHapp Controls.

The laptop is a TI Powerbook G4 DVI running at 667Mhz. I bought it really cheaply on ebay for under $100. The LCD was not included (broken), so it was just the bottom half. I also have a set of powered computer speakers with a subwoofer.

Since I am using a apple laptop as the core, I am also using iTunes. So, I have a juke box now also! Since the hard drive on the laptop is only 12Gig, I have only moved over my top rated (most liked) songs. There is a DVD drive in the laptop, so I can watch movies if want to. My original plan was to put a projector in the top behind the marquee. The Apple logo would be cut out for the projector lens. But this turned out to be more of a change to the cabinet than I wanted.

I have tried two different MAME emulators:
MacMame (v0.103u2) and Mame OS X (v0.124).
I find that MacMame, while older and no longer supported or updated, seems to work better, especially the GUI. MAME OS X requires OS X 10.4 while, MacMame will work in OS X 10.2.

Here is a list of all 1441 games that I have downloaded and tested to work with MacMame.