Here are some JavaScripts that I have personally created ( so far). I also take requests for custom JavaScripts. See Custom Request at the bottom of the list.

These scripts are now available for free. You can get the source code from the working samples.

Script Title Working

Need a custom script for your site?
It would be the same rate as the Support and Set-up Service. Just send me the specifications of what you want. I will set something up and send you a sample page.

Have any comments or suggestions on these or other JavaScript related items?
You can send me a message.

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Browser Compatibility
-- MSIE 5+ (versions 5 - 6) -- Safari (Mac)
-- Netscape 4x -- Opera 6
-- Netscape 6x -- Opera 7
JSS -- Published on The JavaScript Source
A link to the published script is on the sample page.

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Special script request
Works fantastic. Thanks.
  M. Farrell

Link Popup Horizontal
I have uploaded the script and it works beautifully. Thank you for a great job well done.

Link Rotator
Thank you SO MUCH, Patrick! You are awesome.
  M. Groh-Gordy
  InterActive! Internet Traffic School, Inc.

Custom Slot Machine
WOW! Fantastic!!! Really looks great. I REALLY think it's just SUPER! Great job.

Link Popup
I just wanted to say thanks for the script. I have no talent with them and yours was EXACTLY what I needed for my small business web site. Thank you again.
  Carrie Beth

Custom Script request
I will obviously save your contact info for future reference. I don't do a LOT of websites, but it is my only job. And every now and then, I need someone that can do what you have done.

Thank you again, so much. My client will be pleased I AM POSITIVE !!!
  Clayton D. Eads

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Support and Set-up Service

I can help you customize and set up these
scripts on your site for a small fee of $10 - $20 each.


I accept payments through PayPal. New to PayPal? You can register and get $5 from PayPal. Think of that as a discount on your first purchase.

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