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This should play just like the famous TV game show Wheel of Fortune.

There are some differences though. The point spots on the wheel range from 25 to 1000 points. And in addition to the special Bankrupt and Lose a turn spots on the wheel I have added the following spots:
  • Give away money
          - Give all of your points to your opponenent
  • Steal 50 percent
          - Take half of your opponent's points
  • Double or nothing
          - Double your score or lose it all
          (vowels get special handling)
You can guess a consonant only after you spin. If you guess correctly you will win the number of points on the spinner for each instance of the letter in the puzzle. You can guess a vowel at any time. Guessing a vowel will cost you 250 points. If you have less than 250 points, you will go into negative points.

After you choose a letter to guess (by clicking on it), it will turn into a red "X". To win the game you have to fill in all of the letters in the puzzle.

If you spin the "Double or nothing" and you have negative points, you would double the negative points (going even deeper in the hole) or go back to zero. Also if you get this and guess a vowel, you will double your score instead of costing you 250 points.

For the one-player game (vs the computer), the difficulty will dermine the possibility of the computer choosing a correct letter.

Difficulty and odds of correct letter:
  • Easy - 1 in 5 chance of correct guess
  • Medium - 2 in 5 chance of correct guess
  • Hard - 3 in 5 chance of correct guess
Although, if there are no more incorrect letters available, the computer will pick a correct one.

There are currently puzzles available in this game. You will get a random puzzle whenever you restart a game.

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