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In this game you control a snake:

Use the Arrow keys to guide the snake around the grass field. If you are using an iPhone, touch the play area in the quadrant that you want to go. It is divided diagonally like an X. There is a green border to the grass field. When the snake hits this border while it is green, the snake will wrap around to the other side of the field. There are also two holes () that the snake can use. Entering one hole will send the snake out of the other hole.

From time to time food () will appear on the field. Eating one of these will add 10 points to your score and make your snake longer. Poison () will also appear. Eating this will end the game.

Your score will increase by one point for every second that you stay alive in addition to the food bonus. Certain things will happen as the game progesses and your score increases:

  • The snake will gradually increase in speed

  • At 200 points, the green border will change to red and the snake will no longer wrap around. In essence this is now a fence and hitting it will end the game.

  • At 300 points, the holes will disappear

  • At 350 points, the poison will start appearing

    Another way that the game will end is if you try to eat yourself, either by running into yourself or doubling back (going backwards).

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