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Shifty v1 -

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The object of this game is to change all of the marbles to the same color. The final color is up to you.

How to move

There are two ways to move the marbles: rotating and sliding. To rotate a marble's color, just click on the marble itself. This will also rotate the color of the marbles directly adjacent vertically and horizontally to the one you clicked. To slide a row or column, just click on one of the arrow buttons around the perimeter of the game board. This will slide the entire row or column the direction the arrow points by one marble. The marble that would be moved off of the game board will wrap around the the other side.
Rotation demonstration:

Clicking on this marble circled in red

will rotate itself and these marbles circled in yellow.

The results will look like this.
Sliding demonstration:

Clicking on this arrow button circled in red

will slide itself and these marbles circled in yellow to the left.

The results will look like this.

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If you like this game, try version 2.
Original game copyright 2000 Patrick Lewis.