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© copyright 2002 Patrick Lewis

Version 2.0 update:
This is now a word and number search puzzle.

Once you find one of the words, or number strings, in the Word list, just click on the letters that spell the word.   As you click on the letters, they will be noted with a red border and the letters will appear next to "Found:".   Once the word is formed, just click the "Found it" button.   If you make a mistake in forming the word, just click the "Oops" button and the selection will be reset.   Once a word is found, it will be markd in the Word list as red with a strike through.   Also, the letters in the grid will be noted with a light-red border.

Remember, words can be forwards, backwards, and diagonal, but they will always be in a straight line.   The timer for the game starts when you select your first letter from the grid.   The high scores are ranked by the amount of time it takes you to find all of the words, fastest being first.  

There are currently different puzzles that are available with this game.   You will get a random puzzle whenever you load or reload this page.

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