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This is 5-card draw.

The deck is a standard 52-card deck. For each hand, the deck is shuffled and dealt out. Aces are ranked high for this game.

You start with $100 in your account. You can bet as much as you want, but never more that your cash on hand. To change your bet, just change the number next to Bet. The bet cannot be changed once a hand is dealt, only between hands.

Click on "Deal" to deal out the first 5 cards. Then select the cards that you want to hold on to. Click on "Draw" to draw the next set of cards to replace the cards that you did not want to keep. Your cash will be updated with the result of your hand automatically. You can change your bet at this time, or cash out. Click on "Deal" to start a new hand.

The payouts for a winning hand are as follows:
Hand Payout
Royal Flush 15 X bet
Straight Flush 10 X bet
4 of a K ind 8 X bet
Full House 5 X bet
Flush 4 X bet
Straight 3 X bet
3 of a Kind 2 X bet
2 Pair 1.5 X bet
1 Pair 1 X bet
Nothing lose your bet

The highscores are ranked by how much money you can collect. The game will automatically end when your cash reaches zero after the end of a hand, or you can end the game manually by clicking on "End". You can play as many hands as you want to before ending the game.

The game will reset when you cash out. You can also click on "Reset game" to start over with $100.

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copyright 2003 Patrick Lewis