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Mancala (MON-kah-la) is an anceint game from Africa.

This is a one-player or two-player game. For a one-player game, just leave the second player's name (red player) as Computer. The higher the number the more likely the computer will move to steal, hoard, and go again.

You begin with 4 pieces in each of the spots in both rows, except for the score. To move your pieces, click on an arrow button that is on your side of the board. This will move these pieces to the next cups one piece at a time. For instance, if you have 4 pieces to move, they will be put into the next four cups, one in each.

If you reach the end of your row, the next piece will go into your score. If you have more pieces, they will continue to be placed around the board (opponents side).

If the last piece gets placed in your score, you get another turn. If the last piece gets placed in an empty spot on your row, get all of the pieces from your opponents spot accross the board and the last piece you just placed.

If you reach the end of your opponent's row (which will happen later in the game), the opponent's score will be skipped and the pieces will start back in your row.

The game ends when one player has no pieces left on his/her row. The remaining pieces (all on the opponents row) go into the opponent's score.

And of course, the highest score wins. In the event of a tie, the player that goes second prevails (red player).

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