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Your goal is to shoot as many ducks as you can. They will start to fly up from behind the grass once the game starts. Each level has 10 or 15 ducks in it and you can have up to 10 ducks in the air at one time. Just click on the ducks with the mouse to shoot them, but your mouse has to be still when you shoot the ducks. If it is moving when you click on a duck, you will miss it. The easiest way to get a duck is to put the cursor just in front of the duck and when it goes past, click it.

Once a total of 10 ducks have escaped (gone off the screen), the game is over.

You get six shots before you have to reload, but you can reload at anytime by clicking on the ammo box on the left.

On each level the ducks will get progressively faster and wait time for the next duck will get shorter. The last level (level 21) has a total of 100 ducks to shoot).

Please note that NO ducks were injured during the making of this game.

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