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Word List:

This is a boggle-type of game. The game board is a scramble of letters in a 7 by 7 grid. You must create words out of the letters by chaining the letters together.

To create a word, just click on any letter and continue to click on adjacent letters. The next legal letters will highlight in red. The next legal letter must be adjacent to the current one other either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You cannot skip over a letter in order to reach the one that you want (leapfrogging). As you click on the letters they will "white out" and appear in the box below the grid (forming a word).

Once your word has been formed, click on "Check it" to validate your word, or hit Enter. This will check your word against a dictionary with over 100,000 words. Once validated, the letters that you clicked on will be permanently deleted from the game board and the letters above the empty spaces will drop down. If an entire column of letters has been depleted, the columns to the right will slide to the left.

If the word is invalid, the letters will reappear in the grid and no points will be deducted or awarded. If, while forming a word, you do not pick the letter that you want, just click on "oops". This will put all of the letters back into the grid and you can start over picking a word.

If you find a word that should be in the dictionary that is not recognized, please let me know. But be sure to check it here first:

Dictionary Statistics

If you are stuck and cannot form any more words, you can click on "Scramble" to rearrange the remaining letters. But be warned that this will reduce your score by 10%. Hint: Doing this early (with a lower score) will minimize the deduction to your score.

If you cannot clear the board, just click on "End game now". This will deduct one point for each letter remaining on the board. If you are able to clear the board completely, there is a bonus awarded of 50 points.

Before you build your first word, scrammble the grid until you can get some of the harder letters cleared. (i.e. Q, X, J, Z, etc.) Longer words will get you an increasingly higher score, so try avoid 2-, 3-, and even 4-letter words, unless you are trying to clear the board. Don't forget to look for common word endings to lengthen a word, like -es, -ly, -ish, etc. If you are not sure if a word is valid, try it. If it is not a valid word the letters will go back to the grid with no penalty to you. You would be surprised as to what is in the dictionary.

The difficulty option will multiply your final score by 1, 2, or 3 (Easy, Fair, Hard), this includes the bonus for clearing the board. To change the difficulty, click on "Start / Reset" to restart the game. The differences in the difficulty settings are:

Difficulty Vowels Easy
Easy 25 24 0
Fair 15 24 10
Hard 15 21 13

Word length Score
1 0
2 0
3 3
4 9
5 18
6 30
7 45
8 63
9 84
and so on

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Copyright © 2002 Patrick Lewis. All rights reserved.
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