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Crossword Puzzle v3.0
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(c) copyright 2002-14 Patrick Lewis

To view the clues, just click on the number of the cells in the crossword puzzle.   This will show both the Across and Down clues (if available).  

The check box is used to check the answer that you entered into the puzzle for that clue.   On the first click it will replace the incorrect letters with a red "X".   On the second click it will replace the red "X" with a blank space.   Subsequent clicks will have no effect, unless you change the guess.

The highscores are based on the length of time it takes you to solve the puzzle.   Faster times are better.   The timer starts when you click on a radio button to answer your first clue.

There are currently different puzzles that are available with this game.   You will get a random puzzle whenever you load or reload this page.

The available puzzles are:

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