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This game is adapted from a game board that was made by my grandfather. The rules have evolved over time. I hope you enjoy.

UPDATE: I have added the ability to save a game in progess and load it at a later date to complete. You can more than one game, but each one should have a unique name. Also, please do not use apostrophes (').

I have updated the highscores on this game because i felt that some of the scores were unreasonably high. I have therefore separated them into Single-player and Multiple-player scores. I have kept the original high scores (linked below) so you will still have that ranking.

The object of the game is to get all of your marbles into your home row (the row of 5 spaces with the same background color as your marbles). In each turn you get one roll of the dice. You can use each die on a separate marble or move the same marble twice.

After you roll the dice, click on the die that you want to use and then click on the marble that you want to move. If you have no move to make (i.e., need exact roll with no alternate move), then just click the "Can't go?" button and the next player will go. Leap-frogging your own marbles is allowed.

The center space is a shortcut and can only be accessed from one particular space for each player. There are four spaces that are colored like the home row, but only darker. These are the shortcut jump points. You must land on this space exactly in order to use the shortcut (and be of the same color), otherwise you will have to go around the entire board to get to your home row.

Two marbles cannot reside in the same space at the same time. If a move results in two marbles in the same space, one of two things will happen:
  1. Like-colored marbles will result in an invalid move and a different marble will need to be chosen for movement.
  2. Different-colored marbles will result in the stationary marble (opponent's) going back to their start row.
The first player to get all 5 of their marbles into their home row will win the game. The game is set up for 4 players as:
But if you want a 1-, 2-, or 3-player game, the remaining players will be the computer -- denoted by the (c) after their color name like Yellow(c). While the computer players are taking their turns, please do not click on any of the dice or marbles.

A final note, the player that goes first is picked at random, so Red(p1) may not be the one to go first.

Opponents left in start row
(its rare to score here)
+30 each
Opponents left in field
(not in home or start row)
+10 each
Number of turns to win
(average around 20 turns)
-1 each

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