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The object of this game is to build a Word Ladder where each successive word is linked to the previous word by "link letters". Here is an example of some linked words:

Word Ladder Examples
Word 1 Word 2 Link letters

Dictionary Statistics

You start by entering any word that you like that has 4 or more letters. This will be the first word in your ladder. After you enter the first word, you will be given a list of words that begin with the linking text from your previous word. Just pick another word from this list and it will be the next word in your ladder. You will get a new list of words based on the new word's linking text. Continue chosing words until you reach a dead end. When you reach a dead end, the game will be over and you can save your final score.

Each word that you enter or click on will have a point value based on how long the word is. Here is a table to show you the point values for a given word length:

Word scores
Length Points
and so on

The linking text will increase in length as your score increases. Here is a chart to show you when the linking text will increase in length:

Good Luck!

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