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All of these duct tape wallets are hand made and covered with strong clear packing tape to give the wallets a long life. I have been using my Dolphins wallet now for the past 3 years. We also use the clear tape to seal the seams of the card pockets to keep the duct tape adhesive from getting on your cards. I have a generic order form for these wallets as all of them are made to order and we do not have any preset designs other than the single pocket for the bills and two sets of three pockets for your cards.

Email me with your details on your wallet. Please include all colors of the tape and if you want specific colors used in specific areas. The wallets start at $15 each and include domestic shipping.

I will take special request/designs. I have done coin pouches, checkbook covers, and ladies wallets. The larger the project the more expensive it will be. I will give an estimate on these special projects as the arrive.

My Sister-in-Law's online store: Lisa's Vintage Jewelry

Tape colors/examples back to top

There are seasonal colors/designs that come out.
If you see one that you want to be used, let me know.
If I cannot locate it locally, you can send me a roll.

Logo styles back to top

Pure duct tape art

Printed art with duct tape accents
you send us the art (or a link to the art)

Pocket styles back to top

Horizontal/sideways, locks the cards in like a trapper keeper

Vertical/regular, loads cards from the top

Liner styles back to top

Diagonal, alternating colors

Single color/style of tape

Solid grey/default